Jumat, Juni 01, 2012

I Do, I Realize This

First time I met you,
I saw you
Right there, far of my heart
I didn’t think that I would be love you
I just need to know that I don’t do now

I just trying to know you, when you opened and closed to me
You started first
You say we are close,
No, it just was
But I thought we’ll
Hope we’ll start again

But then I realize,
I wrong, now and forever,
Just wrong
No words more

I miss you? Yeah,
I love you? I think
I want you? I say, yeah
I think I love you

What can I say more?
Only confusing feelings here
I don’t have anything else in my heart
Except the word that says ‘ILY’

I don’t know
These wasted feeling is starting blind me
And make me mad inside
Don’t know why
Tell me in detail, please

But you’re not here for me
You even missing somebody else
I won't be yours
I’m stranger in your life

My Love, My Sweetheart
You won’t ever mine
And I do
And I really realize this


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