Jumat, Januari 11, 2013

Beholden to My Beloved

Thank you for already present in my life
Thanks for join in coloring my world
Colorful bright, beautiful, and full of bliss
Smile tucked in each page
Encouragement and hope being your illustrations
Inscribing a pen, making it a fairy tale princess without a prince
Danced the sounds into a precious chanson
The wishsong that quietly grows in my heart

You will always be in my story
In my sweet stories
which heave without melody and rhythm
But living by full of affection
Along the road of my life
At each circumvolution in its conflicts

Your presence, is a very lovely destiny,
It's real, although not able for me to embrace too far
Your present is the loveliest chapter ever in my fairy tale book
In our story

Thank you for the excitements from you
Thank you for sincerely smile every time to me
Thank you for greeting to me every morn
You have and are making me happy,
Drifting in a touch of compassion
Although you never realize
The value of your smiles that really meaningful to me
Your archness that dried out the tears of my pain
I miss your laughter,
Although you never know
All of what you have done
So precious and blissful for me

Oh my Deary,
Perhaps this feeling will not be an eternity
But every time I stare at you,
My eyes are sparkle brightly

Thank you for being my best friend,
Although not to be a prince for me
Thank you for everything,
Thank you...


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