Kamis, Agustus 16, 2012

Lose One's Heart

Show me how to weep
Show me how to savor the woe
Show me how to dive in the sorrow ocean
And sinking in the tears
Show me how to kill myself
Show me how to slashing this heart—the cluttered wounded heart
Show me how to end this affliction!!!

Will these tears dry up
Because of the misery grievous that it face?
Will the time stopped
Because of the blithe moments that frozen,
And never come back again?

Make me vanish
Make me unseen
Just make me lost!
Send me to a destination unknown
Do not hold me in your arm
Do not touch me in my heart

I just want you
to accompany me to pass this nightmares
And introduce me to love
Just show me the real world…


4 komentar:

wow ... good poetry, esp for a second language ... but you sound quite sad.

good? really? which part? :D
thank you, Josh..

ah kiddo ...nice naa...its abt whom?? :D :D hahaha

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