Sabtu, Desember 08, 2012

It's Nice! (happy and miserable)

It's so nice to be grown in life.
coz we all are live.
and we do need to.
as the time pass,
we all need to adapt too,
in every field in life.
and so too the teenage world.
we cant dodge it.
we cant.
i cant.
none can.
except you die!

it's nice to be nice! but,
it's hard to do
when you know that is true
to keep relent and adapt
from matter you cant go away
from all sides you cant throw away

as far as I go,
I just find the same things,
the same feeling
similar smell
familiar res
and strangers

how to do when the compass is stolen
how to do when your heart is crushed
what to do when letdown just flew on you
what to do when you just can believe none anymore

is it going to be sad?
or pretended to be happy again and again?

It's nice to be nice
It's needed to be honest
It's nice to hide the tear
It's nice to tell me to pretend everything's fine

Sometimes you have to learn that grief must be enjoyed! :(


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its nice naaa... but dear change the background color or change the font color naa its hard to read naa

Ok next time :D just scroll it naa :P
I can read it easily :P hehe

yea i too can read naa but its difficult to read kiddddddooooo

OK Ill change the font color. But I think you need to check your eyes to the doctor. seriously..:)

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